Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ready to Spend on Green?

Heating and cooling a home today is not cheap. Consumers over the years have expressed concerns about increasing utility costs and some are rejecting homes with two-story great rooms and walls of windows-often costly to heat and cool. But purchasing a solar heating system, installing new double-pane windows, or replacing old appliances isn't cheap either. For a long time, the high expense associated with "going green" has kept many home owners from embracing energy-efficient features.

Now however, consumers are motivated to do the right thing about the environment and finding out that they can save money in the long run. Yes, it's easy to get overwhelmed with green ideas because there is so much you can do. But you don't have to do everything...just pick one or two things now and then add something again later.

Even some home builders, in response to demand, are rolling out energy labels for new homes, which provides estimates of monthly energy costs, triggering a different approach to home shopping for energy-conscious buyers.

Do you need more help to get you to go "green"? Well there are federal tax credits available, and energy-efficient mortgages are options to help home owners pay for "green" upgrades.

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