Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life is ever changing

Life is ever changing isn't it? You can change your name, marital status, profession, where you live, and the list goes on and on. Now, I am changing real estate company. Remax Gold is being laid to rest. Born in its place is Exit Gold Realty. Everything has changed, except me. New logos, signs, forms, look, and color. Even my email address.
Actually I'm very excited about this opportunity to provide better service to my clients, fellow agents, vendors, etc.
There is nothing like a challenge to liven things up a bit. I can't wait for someone to ask why EXIT??? That is such a dumb name!!! Well, I am ready for you.

EXIT is illuminated above every corporate door in North America.
Millions of EXIT signs across North America point to the way.
You see EXIT everywhere you go.
EXIT Realty was ranked among the TOP 10 TRENDSETTERS FOR 2007 and continues to grow with great momentum.
Every EXIT leads to a new beginning...
and I could go on.
Call or email me and I'll tell you more. Even how YOU can be a part of this exciting opportunity.

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