Monday, February 16, 2009


A lot have been written about landscaping yards for curb appeal because buyers see the outside first when they drive up to a home. So it makes sense to make this area as attractive and inviting as possible. I realize it's February, cold and dull right now, but let's think ahead. Investing money in your landscape could make a huge difference to a buyer. In fact, curb appeal can be the sole reason prospective buyers ever end up entering a home. That's why listing agents often give the sellers tips to help them fix up their homes. So, here are a few ideas to improve your landscaping.

1. An attractive landscape usually has color. Colors that grab the most attention are red, orange, and yellow. Cooler colors such as blues and purples helps you to relax. So, if you have a meditation garden, these should be included.

2. Use colorful mulch. Rubber mulch uses recycled ground rubber that comes in several different colors including green, brown, blue, and cypress. An added benefit is that if your home has a backyard playground and you have mulch underneath it instead of wood chips, you can a higher level of protection and an additional selling point to feature.

Oh, and another area many do not consider to be landscaping is the driveway. If you have been a do-it-yourselfer with you vehicles (oil changes,etc) maybe it shows on your driveway.Clean up any spills and move the parked cars to give buyers a chance to take in the entire residence.

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