Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Professional Etiquette

Being a listing practitioner and a selling practitioner, I handle many aspects of a real estate transaction on a regular basis. When the market slowed down, I kept hearing what a good thing the slowdown would be because it would weed out all the less skilled real estate "pros", leaving only the "good ones" behind. However, there is still a need for us to remind each other about some basic business rules and common courtesies we should be extending to each other and to our clients.
So consider the courtesy of when you schedule an appointment: Please, always show up for those appointments. If something occurs that keeps you from making your appointment or if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, call to let the listing agent know.
Another practice to remember is to give feedback on a property that you show. The sellers are anxiously waiting to receive information regarding the showing; what the buyers thought and what their agent thought. It helps me as the listing agent to know how my listing compares to others shown and why the buyers didn't like the home so that I can make adjustments to the property appropriately.
This is actually a class offered to real estate agents. I hope you will consider taking it the next time it is offered in your general area.

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