Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avoid 3 Common Remodeling Mistakes

The road to bad remodeling is paved with good intentions. Anyone tackling a major project wants his home to look and work better--and to get a reasonable return on investment. But renovations are packed with so much stress and emotion that it's easy to go wrong.

With that said, let's learn how to keep from falling into these 3 common mistakes.

1. Being a slave to fashion: The more up-to-the-minute your project is today, the more out-of-date it will seem in 5-10 years. So, go with classic choices that match the house's original style.

2. Skimping on the design: Make sure your renovation project is well thought out. If you are doing, let's say, building an addition or moving interior walls, spend the $1000-$5000 to hire an architect (to draw a plan, not project manager)

3. Over-investing in the kitchen: Yes, great kitchens sells houses! But there is a limit to what you can recoup for granite countertops and commercial-grade appliances. Kitchens represents anywhere from 5%-15% of a home's value, so limit your kitchen renovation budget to that range.

So, go ahead with your well prepared plans of renovating. Count your costs and have a blast.

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