Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Staging Tips

Selling a home in any market can be competitive. It's essential that you follow some simple, yet important tips to help you make your home more salable.

A quicker home sale can be reached by keeping in mind the needs of the home's most likely buyer and creating a fresh inspiring look just for them. The difference between a "For Sale" and a "SOLD" sign often boils down to effective staging a home to appeal to either the young singles, families, or empty nesters- the 3 largest customer segments that are likely to make an offer, and, since everyone likes an updated home, here are a few simple refreshes that can and should be done:

For all groups: A technology overhaul. Flat screen TV's, laptop computers, iPods with docking stations, and wireless technology have eliminated the need of large bulky entertainment centers, and massive desks designed to hide wires.

An absolute must is color! Most sellers are instructed to use neutral colors when repainting. However, adding the right color to accent walls can create depth, enhance kitchen cabinets, or bring a dull bathroom to life. Or you use colors in simple accessories, like throw pillows, canisters, or flowers.

However, use caution with your color choices. Be aware of their sensory impact:

RED: Stimulating

ORANGE: Happiness

YELLOW: Uplifting

BLUE: Calming in softer tones; Clarity in deeper tones

GREEN: Fresh and Rejuvenating

PURPLE: Compassion

AQUA: Restful

For Singles: Singles spend alot of time in the bedroom and the living room, which are their sanctuary from the outside world. So there is no need to set up a dining room with such things a s place settings. Instead, focus on the flat screen TV on a simple stand and candles in the bedroom and bathroom.

Families: Include age appropriate bedding, linens, and towels. A bright rug near play areas, and toy chest with an open lid. And don't forget the garage when staging your home for this group of buyers. Organize children's toys and sports equipment to showcase the garage's storage capacity without compromising functionality.

Empty Nesters: Upgrading the bathroom with accessories or decorative hanging lights will make an impact. If the budget allows, upgrade the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Lighting is also important to this group of buyer. Living spaces should maximize natural light, or add lamps or ceiling fans with light fixtures.

So experiment and put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Ask a friend or relative to be brutally honest of the before and after you have staged your home. You may be surprised how little changes, with a little budget, can make a huge difference to a buyer.

So, if you are ready to list your home, or buy one, in the Stevensville Md or surrounding areas, contact Lisa Longest, Exit Gold Realty to assist you. Or if you have questions regarding staging your home, feel free to contact me at 443-786-4200.

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