Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recent Housing Market Disappointing

The treasury and mortgage markets have been on a steady climb as of late. There continue to be signs that the economic recovery and housing, in particular, have hit some bumps in the road. Home sales in May were very disappointing after big gains were seen in March and April as a result of the home buyer tax credit. Some housing analysts are predicting further dips in home prices ahead. European woes and reported slowing growth in China have added to the strength of the treasury market. If you have any questions or concerns for our local market in Queen Anne County or surrounding counties, feel free to contact me.


Scott said...

Price wars going between the traditional and local agents has increased. This agents can increase their fees during acreage booms, alone for them to statement afresh if action cape off, says the Office of Fair Trading.

Internet portals accept adapted the way people seek for a home, the OFTs year continued analysis aswell says, but the portals acclimated are still bedeviled by acceptable local agents. Innovation could accept a dramatic impact on the amount of affairs, in accurate through online services.

kristin said...

Home buyers have left the market with a massive withdrawal of government tax cuts, as sales of new homes hit a record low in July. Meanwhile watch the sluggish demand for durable goods last month renewed weakness in a sector that has been a key factor in growth. With tax cuts now expired, home sales are struggling to find their fundamental level.
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